I’m a freelance adventure travel writer based in Boulder, Colorado.

I am a blogger, content creator, creative writer, and adventure traveler based in Boulder Colorado. I grew up in Miami, Florida, and dreams of living in the mountains first took me to Seattle, Washington, and ultimately to Boulder, where I am an avid mountaineer, backcountry skier, backpacker, and climber.

I have written and been featured in stories for The Clymb, Sierra Trading Post, GearJunkie, and Seattle Backpackers Magazine.

I have also been involved in website and social media content creation for Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, a Boulder, Colorado based outdoor guide company, and the Colorado Mountain Club.

I am a specialist in outdoor and travel content creation. I have exceptional skill in outdoor athlete interviews and feature stories., trail guides, product reviews, and interest pieces. My goal as an adventure writer is to capture the imagination, inspire wonder, and urge others to leave their comfort zone and explore.

I welcome ideas for collaboration, writing opportunities, and product reviews. Contact me and I would be pleased to discuss your project.

– Michael Restivo






Cover Photo Credit: @Sami